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Our Lingerie Story

Many Years of Learning

After very humble beginnings, our experience in warehousing and distribution led to the creation of Oshun Africa Trading. Previously, niche lingerie was only one of the many lines of intimates and apparel that we supplied. As the interest grew and the classy lingerie demanded more attention, focus and investment, we decided to follow that demand and give it the attention it deserved.

Niche Products

Niche lingerie was not well supported in South Africa back in 2004. We saw some small shops and boutiques battling with shipping costs and logistics. We knew we could help to source and supply quality lingerie at affordable prices.

Better for the Brands

Brands did not have reliable representatives back then. Good, niche brands were being overlooked because they were small. They needed and deserved love and care, and to be looked after in South Africa. There was nobody to make sure that local stock and support was available in SA, and so we knew that we needed to step in and help.

Our Skills

We created Oshun Africa with a clear view: to give quality lingerie a reliable home, fair pricing and efficient supply to our South African Lingerie retailers. Our background in logistics meant that we had the best tools to create structures needed to have this platform in place.

Supporting Local Business

Our first goal has always been to support our South African Retailers. They help to drive our economy, they share the quality products so that the person in the street can enjoy more than the chain stores have to offer.

Our next goal was to support local manufacturers. We have sourced reliable, quality-conscious local lingerie manufacturers in South Africa to help them with their business. With them being good at creating beautiful things, and with us specializing in dealing with the logistics, it’s a perfect fit.

Always Open

We’re always eager to find new suppliers, new great brands, and to support new stores. We’re a click away, ready to share more support and do things even better. You can contact us HERE